We Focus on the Bigger Picture.


From sprightly startups to established multinationals, we offer the entire gamut of branding including designing and communication services.

  • Brand Strategy
  • Great strategies are chalked out over warm cups of green tea, involving intense discussions on the client’s strengths, his target audience, and competitors. A well-laid out plan works every time to provide the connect between brand and target.

  • Brand Promotions/Identity Creation/Brand Building
  • We help companies create a strong brand identity that clearly conveys their core values and strengths. Clarity is crucial here, as the brand speaks through its communication, be it visual or verbal. In short, we help communicate coherently what exactly your brand wants to say.
    This ensures a trail of positivity right from the start making it easier for the brand to create a clearly definable position to connect with customers and grow their businesses.

  • Rebranding
  • Sometimes, you just have to look at things from a different perspective. For a rebrand to work, we need to get into the nitty-gritty of things, quite literally. It is imperative that we understand why you’d like a rebrand and what you expect its outcome to be. We provide seamless solutions for a complete and effective rebrand that actually works for you. Our expert analytical skills will create a smooth transition for your brand as we arrive at a rebrand possibility only after complete analysis of all parameters involved in your business area.

    Brand Guidelines
    To provide a better understanding of your brand to everyone involved, brand guidelines serve as a document of sorts or a reference guide.

    Brand Nomenclature
    Right from creation to registration, we are with you all the way! With our intuitive knowledge on how things in the industry work, we can create a name for your brand which ticks all the correct boxes right from sounding right to connecting with what the brand actually stands for.

  • Logo Design
  • So, What exactly goes into Logo Designing?
    A logo is as important for the success of a brand as the brand itself.
    We, at Signatures, completely understand that logo designing means much more than just creating a little curve here or a new font there..
    A logo defines a brand, completely. It needs to be readable, versatile and relatable. We define a logo as “strong” based on its ability to create an impact on the mind even before it leaves the discussion room.
    A Logo is basically a Fingerprint. It has to create an instantly recallable identity that also reflects the type of product or service the business engages in.
    Hence, at Signatures, careful understanding of the client and the target consumer is given due importance before we begin the actual Logo Design work.Brand Management
    Consistency is key here, as a brand is as good as it gives. This aspect of branding provides transparency and validates a positive position of the brand for its consumer and stakeholders. This also involves assets management such as content and images and prevention of their misuse.

    Environment Branding
    We deliver a multi-sensory brand experience through visual and audio media at retail outlets, corporate functions or events, we ensure an instant connect between your audience and brand.

    Event Branding
    We help you create the necessary BUZZ right before your big day. This includes teasers and campaigns that pique the curiosity of your consumer and drives up the anticipation to the D-day.

    Internal Branding
    This includes carrying the brand aura into the interiors of your workplace. This creates inspiration and motivation for the workforce. This also includes stationery and other paraphernalia.